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Sitting with Mol

Performed 2022 at Spike Island Open Studios 

Audio for performance, 30 min, - play as one or skip through

'In western culture death is often treated as taboo. This performance aims to open up a conversation around death and grief, allowing people to consider their own relationship with death. Through the untimely loss of her best friend , artist Jocelyn Brett’s perspective on death has shifted; Jos has come to accept its inevitability as something not to be feared, but to be revered.'

I sit cross legged on the floor in a corner of a brick walled room.  Two speakers play the audio file face sit either side of me, facing the audience. 

The audio piece is broken up and reworked fragments of a series of monologues I recorded in the year after my friends death. Their tone ranges from joyful absurdist to nihilistic existential. These are sandwiched between some longer pieces of writing. 

I have my eyes shut, noise cancelling headphones on, playing a half an our playlist consisting of my friends favorite songs and songs which remind me of her. I sit and listen. The audience cannot hear my playlist and I cannot hear the audio piece.

I move to the songs, sometimes grinning and laughing remembering dancing in the kitchen, sometimes I sit still. 

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